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Bingit or Bing It: Originally coined by Qlondon in June '09, the term is used to define a method of quickly searching for information or answers on the search engine

(Present tense would be "Binginit")
Joe: "Hey, I wonder how high pixels are getting these days on digital cameras?".

Moe: "I don't know, why don't you just bingit?"

Joe: "Cool, I'm Binginit now"
by chinowest June 18, 2009
(V) -"Bing It" refers to the Microsoft Search Engine, Using "bing it" is parellel to using "google it."
Bing in this context is used as a verb therefore you can say "binged it" which refers to something you searched for or looked up in the past. Or you can use it in the present or command form, "bing it" Or say "binging it" for present continuous.

Joe: Do you know where I can find a sushi restaurant in the city?
Sally: "Bing it" on
Jamie: There is great Sushi on Polk Street. I "binged it" yesterday
Joe: There is also a sushi restaurant on Hyde St. I am "binging it" right now
by MAU2 June 24, 2009
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