Microsoft's version of a search engine. It's the default search engine on Internet Explorer, which is the default browser installed on Windows. The only people who use it are those too lazy to get Firefox.
The 50-something year old computer user only had Internet Explorer so they performed a search on Bing.
by xxdeathx2 May 20, 2013
Gaelic for "Thy turkey is done"
chandler... Bing!
by jaketb193 January 20, 2010
When the penetrator is doing a girl doggy-style vaginally, when all of a sudden he pulls out and sticks it
in her anus without warning. Upon insertion, he says "bing".
When I was doing Hector, he totally binged me, an I cried.
by Hector the great. August 24, 2010
To fail at following clear directions and then be surprised by the discrepancy in results.
I told this guy to log in as administrator instead of his name, but he totally binged it and then opened a support ticket.
by this_one_guy December 03, 2009
a stupid black person
you Bing!
by rfvaf bvwgb May 14, 2011
What a bystander might say after seeing someone get slapped in the face.
Felicia slaps Jim. Two tense seconds of silence pass. Someone in the crowd shouts "Bing!"
by a/non\ February 08, 2010
secret codeword for penis mostly used by a perverted being
"Excuse me sir, but do you by any chance have a bing?"
"Ooooo baby your bing is so hard"
by johnwekrjkekw January 20, 2010
1) A verb indicating the action of flicking the clitoris bulb with one finger, or the head of the penis, so that a snapping motion is made.

2) The single nugget of poo that is shot out like rabbit pellets.

3) The north side of a fruit tree.
1) While we watched "Law and Order," I tended to bing Wendy's nub, almost absentmindedly, until I noticed she had her head thrown back and I heard her husky breathing.

2) The satisfying release of each bing was like the plucking of harp strings by angels.

3) "Mark ye randy traveler

The path both mist and dank

to shall pass the bing of Apple branch

before ye taste the stank."
by gateskeeper May 28, 2009

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