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a false drug made up for validity reasons. EX: you are taking a survey in school, and being the ass you are you check +40 for all the drugs. embedded in there somewhere will be Bindro, the made up drug. so ask your teacher, what is bindro ma'am? and she will say, if you dont know you have probably never used it. i didnt know that flip-flops meant X until last week, and i have done much X. so that renders that statement false, she wont tell you because it is false. so dont check that box next to bindro on the survey, it voids the whole test. keep checking 40+, but bindro; well just dont mark it
Marijuana (weed pot grass hash) 1+_ 5+_ 10+_ 40+_
Bindro 1+_ 5+_ 10+_ 40+_

notice the lack of synonems.
by Corbyn December 18, 2005
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