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a: a cake/biscuit hybrid- a soft muffin base with a biscuit top layer-

b: A particularly greedy man who indulges in more than one woman at a time
a: Enid- "mmm these cakes are delicious nancy , what do you call them?
Nancy- " Bimuffs"
Enid "Sounds a little...salacious dear"
Nancy "Well the alternative was muffcuits"
Enid "have you considered Biffin my love?"

b: that man really likes to have his cake and eat it,he's such a bimuff!
by Goblin King September 08, 2010

Words related to Bimuff

An effeminate male character normally found in dark, damp spaces clutching gnomes or biscuits (or any sugary treat)
Known for skinny jeans and hats.
Can also be referred to as 'Goblin King'
Lee Fenton-Wilkinson is a Bimuff
by Felix Coles August 05, 2010