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A combination of the names 'Bill' and 'Bushido'. Used primarily for the pairing of Bill Kaulitz and Bushido(or Anis Ferchichi), whether used in fan fiction, art/photo manips, etc.
"I know this girl at my school that draws very explicit Billshido pictures, it's a little disturbing."
by BeautyInTheBreakdown January 02, 2009
A name that is created when the singer "Bill Kaulitz" (from the band Tokio Hotel) and "Bushido" (German rapper) are combined. Bushido has in the past made comments about the lead singer Bill Kaulitz, most of which have been of a sexual nature.
ZOMG, I found a ÜBER cute picture of Billshido :)
GEIL GEIL GEIL GEIL, Imma gonna get Bill to sign this at the next Meet and Greet :)
by ZOMGBILL<3 September 01, 2009