If you have negativity about this one, get over it because you wouldn't even be able to use this medium unless it were for bill gates biatch.
any loser who hates on bill gates "this all sucks and everything is bill gates fault but i'm going to continue to support him by using his products anyway because i'm a douche"
by scottissery December 02, 2005
An asshole that copied apple computers and got rich off it, He makes shitty software that crashes every half hour, it gets infected with spyware and viruses and is "dll hell". He still copies apple till this day. Vista took him 5 years to make because every year apple made something new and he had to find out a way to put it into vista... If u don't believe me, go to youtube and type in 'apple vs vista' or 'apple adds'
Oh crap my windows has crashed again.. Get a mac!

What do air con's and computers have in common? They both stop working when you open windows.

Lets Throw an apple pie at Bill Gates.
by Tony Kennedy August 20, 2007
A really smart guy, one of the founders of Microsoft. we should thank him for Windows and almost everything that starts Microsoft, like Exel, Word and stuff, great programes filled with all sorts of usefull stuff we don't use because we don't know how. Also, he's very reach and donates huge (huge like in "to big to even dream about") amounts to charity. Is hated because windows has errors and he has money.
Bill Gates started Microsoft. From Microsoft comes Windows and Microsoft Games. Bill Gates is good.
by Jc June 16, 2006
A man who is both God and Satan, simultaneously.
All hail Bill Gates! On second thought, don't.
by Sam July 17, 2005
Bill Gates is the best. He is the founder of the world's largest software company, named Microsoft. Without all the amount of hard work and effort Bill Gates and Microsoft have done, the world would be a totally different place today. We would not have the amount of techological devices we have today. I thank Bill Gates and Microsoft for everything him self and the company has done. They have really revolutionaized the computer industry, and made life easier for everyone.
Microsoft continues to lead the way in software and hardware technologies. If other companies such as Sony or Logitech did not compete with Microsoft, we prbably would not have new game consoles, and Force Feedback, or game devices that we have to day. Again thank you Bill Gates, and Thank you Microsoft.
by Michael Judge July 22, 2006
another way of saying, "what's up?". derived from the german phase for what's up: "wie ghets".

unlike "that's so fetch!", "bill gates?" will totally happen.
"hey tommy! bill gates?"
"nothing much. bill gatesu?"
by sarah violetry August 21, 2005
A man who is envied by every single person on the planet. (Especially Europeans)many compare him to Hitler, he is also the butt of many jokes but if it were not for him we would all be stuck using Peace of shit Macs or other operating systems that are as useless as a $2 bill (Cough Cough Linux..)
Stupid Asshole: "Bill gates has his mind set on world domination"

Me: " Your just a jealous SOB, you just envy him because hes the richest man in the world also an American icon .. to bad your shit country doesn't have one"
by Caption America July 26, 2005

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