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amazing skater, funny, sexy, gangsta, from the sco, awesome
so i know this boyyy, and hes perfect. his name is stefano.
#stefano's #good #in #bed #yep
by Danasaur September 12, 2006
Greedy egotistical schmuck, who apparently wrote all his own definitions for this website, puffing his own hat for "philanthropy" and some kind of "brilliance". When, in actuality, he is the author of nothing, the thief of DOS, plagiarist of everything else, and the first scam artist to rip off IBM on a "per-code-line" rate (which is why his software is so fat). Worse, whenever a postal employee or a Columbine freak goes off on a mass-slaughter raid, you should suspect Bill Gates, because his software is so lame, so defective, so ugly/insensitively fonted, violates privacy, and so crash-prone, it is the greatest source of human rage on this planet at any given moment. Philanthropy? This guy insists on imprisoning teachers for unlicensed installations in tenement schools worldwide, and Microsoft is the ONLY software company that refuses to give software to ANY non-profit organization. Generous? No way. Now, on a personal note, I went to a conference on standards back in the late 80s, and had the misfortune of sitting next to this freak. He smelled obscene. Both of us, on either side of him, were gagging for 2 hours. Discovered later (testimony from one of his early girlfriends) that the guy had such bad hygiene, he actually turned his underwear inside out, to extend their "use". Bill Gates is the reason LINUX was invented -to escape lousy MS-software!
The guy next door never bathes, smells like a sewer, never tips my daughter when she serves him in the restaurant, and he stole all the cook's recipes for his own rat-infested restaurant. He is a real Bill Gates.
#filthy #greedy #miser #plagiarist #uncreative #bad-engineer #fake-philathropist #egotistical
by DanaSaur March 05, 2007
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