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Great coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, coach for 14 years (1992-present), known for his spit spewing tirades and "double-jointed" jaw. Finally won a Super Bowl by beating the Seahawks 21-10 in Super Bowl XL
Did you screw up? Oh boy, coach is going to go Bill Cowher on you!
by ANDYCOOL February 11, 2006
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A toolbag who coached the greatest team in football. It took him 13 years to win a superbowl....something Mike Tomlin did in 2. For some reason some people think he is a great coach. He is the worst coach Pittsburgh ever had. Chuck Noll, and Mike Tomlin are both much better coaches. Cowher also rumered to be gay with Kordell Stewert (the qb of the steelers who couldnt throw worth a shit, unless it was to the other team). As much as Stewart sucked Cowher continued to start him year after year. The 2 were rumered to be giving eachother blowjobs in schenley park. Cowher is a hometown boy, who forgot were he came from. Pittsburgh gave him everything he has today, and yet after retirement he runs to NC and becomes a Carolinian. He also roots for the Carolina sports teams like the Huricanes, instead of Pittsburgh teams. Best words to describe Bill Cowher would be 1: Loser 2: greedy 3: ignorant 4: queer 5: jagoff (thats from Pittsburgh). Bill Cowher is an embarrassment, and disgrace to the city of Pittsburgh, and the Steelers.
Did you hear about Bill Cowher and Kordell in the park the other night?

Yeah Bill was on his knees for him.
by The fawkin man May 15, 2009
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