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(adjective) - another word for a horrible actor. can replace the terms "asshole", "fucking asshole" or "douchebag". Can also be used as a noun.
"Don't be a fucking Bill Paxton", "You can act just about as good as Bill Paxton", "The twister blows almost as much as Bill Paxton" or "Go screw yourself Bill Paxton"
by Nonexistent December 21, 2006
27 96
1. (noun) An actor of unquestionable talent. Bill Paxton can not only light up a screen, but he also lights up our hearts. A glimpse at his face is a glimpse into heaven. Paxton's works are masterpieces, and include such brilliant films such as Twister, Aliens, Apollo 13, Titanic, Vertical Limit, and of course, Big Love. Someone with such a vast resume not only deserves our respect, but also our hearts.

2. (adjective) Used to describe someone who has mad bitches at his disposal, much like Bill Paxton does in "Big Love"
-yo Bill, you got mad hunnies, how you do it?
-I'm Bill Paxton, that's how. Now I have to jump in my rocketship and control the weather.
by Mdiggity December 07, 2007
88 25
The only actor who has been killed off by Terminator, Alien and Predator.
"That's it man, game over man, game over!" - Bill Paxton as Hudson in Aliens
by Mucking Fagnets December 05, 2010
23 2
1. noun. An actor of questionable talent yet an uncanny ability to amaze and entertain, and thus, continue to get work.

2. noun. Anyone who isn't very good at something, but is allowed to continue doing it for so as to set a new precident.
1. "I'll watch anything with Bill Paxton in it! He's terrible!"
by Waks May 05, 2006
28 77