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One of the most well known scientists on this side of the moon. He pleses children around the universe in ways us 'mortals' could not possibly comprehend ;)
Bill Nye says: Science is cool!
by Mr. Nye August 31, 2008
138 19
The worlds greaest scientist and the common term used to describe someone who is totally an all around genious/to do very well during academics.
Trevor- Patrick your such a Bill Nye

Patrick- Looks like you pulled a Bill Nye

Bill Nye- I'm Bill Nye
by Quortox September 10, 2008
245 44
A person who points out the obvious or doesn't understand humor in jokes.
teacher: Whats 2 plus 2?
Student 1: 300!
Student 2: No its actually 4.
Student 1: Nice call Bill Nye
by Tom Ludlow March 27, 2010
29 70
A scientist who makes shows for kids to watch.. with kids in them. I think wee all know who Bill Nye is but do we know the TRUTH?! In ONE episode Bill was talking about skin cells with a little boy. He was also showing how cameras work, ofcourse.. pointing it at a little girl while WE ALL WATCH JUST STANDING BY LETTING THIS HAPPEN..lmfaoo BILL NYE IS A CHILD PREDATOR.
the theme song.. sung by CHILDREN." BILL! BILL! BILL! BILL!" oooh they love bill dont they.
Bill Nye to a little boy " Hey look at MY skin cells then look at YOUR skin cells."
by KokopellaLMFAOO April 09, 2009
27 184