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Any small object which the name can't be remembered at the moment.
A:Where's the bilbilak I can't find it anywhere?

B:it's on the top of the desk
#thingy #thing #object #that #handy
by Avands February 14, 2014
Those feelings of joy and happiness that arrive as a result of experiencing or having something. The source of bilbilaks varies from individual to individual and can be almost anything such as an object, a person, an activity, a sight, a taste, a piece of music, or a place.
Bilbilaks are welcome at any time, but especially useful in lifting the spirit during times of pain and hardship.
"Don't worry about me, I will be fine. I will make sure I find myself some bilbilaks!"

"I love taking photos, it brings me bilbilaks."

"I will bring my bilbilaks with me tomorrow!"
#happiness #joy #high spirits #cheerfulness #delight
by Moon Boy November 25, 2012
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