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India's murder capital.
There were only 5,076 reported murder cases in Bihar in 2007.
by RajThackeray August 15, 2009
State in Northern India known in the present day for its gangsters, dakoos and high crime rate. Also known as the kidnapping and violent crime capital of India. However, in its heydey it was the root of great empires and a centre of enlightenment, spawning many influential figures such as freedom fighters as well as Buddha, Guru Gobind Singh and other great religious figures.
Dakoo aur hatyaar, Bihar mein hai hazaar - Gangsters and weapons, they have thousands in Bihar.
by BOBAMA69 August 07, 2009
A state in eastern india that is the best. Full of true desis and gangstas. If u go to Bihar n mess with biharis they'll empty an AK magazine into ur white ass. Sala.
That fool went to Bihar and got shot.
by Brumindish July 02, 2004
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