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Bigpoint is a scandalously shameless money grabbing company that develops online games, gets players addicted with a 'free to play' tag then coaxes them in to spending increasing amounts of money to stay in the game and advance. their online games have numerous glitches, bugs, bots and cheats but the developers don't spend any time on trying to fix these issues, instead concentrating solely on scams that will increase their revenues. they have a consistent 'bury their head in the sand' attitude toward customer complaints.
"Hey, did you notice how heroin felt good in the beginning, I wasnt spending much on it and it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling, I even made some friends who did it too. but then we got hooked and we had to have it more and more and more, and it didnt even feel good anymore, but we just couldnt stop. now our lives are spent begging and stealing to be able to afford our next fix from an increasingly expensive dealer."

"Yeah, reminds me of Bigpoint."
by phasta January 12, 2012
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