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A show from 1999-2002 about a high school jock named Tommy Dawkins (Brandon Quinn) who is bitten by a werewolf. Tommy can only turn to Merton J Dingle (Danny Smith) for help. Tommy and Danny throughout the series fight a whole bunch of people who think they can be badasses and take over the world, such as vampires, mummies, other werewolves, and witches. Also Tommy and Merton have to deal with fellow badass Lori Baxter (Aimée Castle), who is Tommy's on and off girlfriend, but also has an obsession with seeing Tommy 'wolf out.' Merton wants her too, but everytime he tries she beats the crap out of him. :(
Fan- Hey, did you ever watch Big Wolf on Campus?

Danny Smith- Never heard of it.

Fan- I loved that Martin guy.

Danny Smith- I thought it was Merton?

Fan- How would YOU know?
by TheCityDriveOWNS June 07, 2006
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