Walking in to a party full of people you know and saying hi to none of them.
You see Favareau over there? Been here for hours and hasn't even glanced at anything but his blackberry. That big timing ass motherfucker.
by RangerXT February 01, 2010
Top Definition
The Act of screening a phone call with caller id and not taking the call.
"I called you three times yesterday, what are you Big Timing me?"

"You better not Big Time me when I call, asshole!"
by k-10 August 09, 2006
The Act of intentionally being late or too busy for others
You were really stuck in traffic...I thought you were just Big Timing me.
by Prime-Time July 10, 2009
Jamie Meyer, known rockstar, will get in your face and tell you how it is and take your night over and everything you thought was right and true
Are you bigtiming me bro?
by Tito J Jackson January 10, 2012
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