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Big Smoke is a lard ass motherfucker who sold out his hood and his homies in Grove Street! He's also a bit crazy, too many drugs went to his head or something. If you see this fool (he's easy to spot, just look for the heavy-ass cheeseburger-eating motherfucker blocking out the sun), you best dump on him.
1. Damn, Big Smoke is so fat, he takes up three seats when he goes to see a movie!
2. Hey Big Smoke, lemme get a swallow of that liquor!
3. I cant believe Big Smoke sold out Grove Street!
by Carl Johnson January 23, 2005
One of the Grove Street Families in GTA: San Andreas. Quite a funny character but as the game progresses you discover that him and another fellow GSF gangster, Ryder are selling and shipping drugs with the enemy gang.
I can't believe that BS would sell out on his homies.
by Craig April 20, 2005
Nickname of several cities, originally London's
We're heading to the Smoke.
by Papa B-16 May 08, 2005
Fat Grove street families member. Had a good car but it exploded so he got an ancheint car to replace it. Fattest member of Grove street famlies no matter how much CJ stuffs his face.
Yo foo' wanna get fat as Big Smoke or somthin'?
by Ghiz January 03, 2005
slang for Scotland Yard/London, because of all the smoke in London.
just quite possibly the reason why the guy who snitched on the GSFs was called Big Smoke.
'Rebus is drafted down to the big smoke to work on a murder inquiry.'
Smoke and Ryder are cunts.
by bob the destroyer February 19, 2005
Big Smoke,Character in Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas hes overweight,mean when he has 2 be,but hes sstill understanding person
if i need food, i go ask my homie big smoke "yo gimmie some food u fat fool!"
by GROVE ST. FAMILIES 4 LYFE November 16, 2004
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