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A Big Weezy is a boss. Often confused with Rick Ross, and often considered to be synonymous with Rick Ross, or the Biggest Boss that you've seen thus far. Big Weezy gets rec'd at the gym every day in order to stay huge or yoked. Big Weezy readily consumes a fifth of alcohol in order to black out or "go 18 dummies," or "18 retarded." Big Weezy controls the freeway and runs the sideshow, jammin' to Keek da Sneak and other Bay slaps. Every time a Big Weezy blacks out he hooks up with at least one girl, unconditionally.
1.) "I'm getting 18 Dummies like Big Weezy tonight!"

2.) "Ah man, I hooked up with 8 girls last night."
"You pulled a big weezy!"

3.)"Big Weezy is boss, like Rick Ross"
by KeekDaSneak March 05, 2009