A newcomer rapper who signed to Good Music, a Kanye West record business. His most known singles are Guap, Clique, and Dance/A$$. His Dance/A$$ song brought him to fame.
Big Sean: Ain't nobody fresher than my motherfucking clique, clique, clique.
by akiue April 16, 2013
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A sexaholic rapper who talks about nothing in his music, degrading women, and always have to resort to sex in his songs. He made an over-whelmingly annoying song, called, "Dance", or "Dance (Ass) Remix ft. Shitty Minaj". That song is so annoying, that I wanted to commit a genocide to idiot Big Sean fans because they help support his shit. And he also puts out wack ass lyrics that consists of pathetic metaphors that a 1st grade child could make up. No talent is required of what he does. He's is a piece of shit in the Music Industry that isn't even about Rap/Hip Hop. I don't see him as Rap/Hip Hop at all. He's just a gay ass Pop star. Even Biz Markie would stick his foot up Big Sean's ass with lyrical skill. Anyone who buys into Big Sean's bullshit is a total fucking moron and doesn't REAL music. I can name shit loads of musicians that would solo Big Sean lyrically. Big Sean is a fucking joke, period.
Me: Fuck Big Sean. He's a pathetic excuse of a musician and I could care less of what people think. He is WACK AS FUCK!

Friend: I couldn't agree with you more. Only dumbasses, or ignorant pre-teen fags would buy into Big Sean aka "Big Shit". And FUCK gay ass Swag Fags with tight jeans.
by Mr. Ice Cream Man May 17, 2014
Big Sean is a raw ass rapper signed to Kanye West's Good Music
Big Sean Songs - BullShitin, Rollin, Smoke N Drive, Glenwood
by DatNigJG August 18, 2010
He became famous for making a song in which he says the word ass 1,000,000,000 times and Nicki Manaj has the only good part in
by rickross isnt a boss December 06, 2011

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