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There is a need, when attending an Ivy League university like Cornell (Mascot: Big Red), to ditch the standard 0-10 rating system when assessing women on the street or at parties, in favor of the Binary Scale which simplifies the former system to a straightforward 0 or 1. A girl who is given a 0 rating by the individual or his friends would be considered a “no-go” and thus not socially acceptable to get with, whereas a girl deserving of a 1 gives the individual the green light to “go for it.” This system is helpful because it removes all of the grey area associated with hooking up and alleviates the pain that comes with hooking up with a girl deemed borderline by your friends. With the Big Red Binary Scale, peace of mind is as easy deciding whether she is a 0 or 1.
"Out here it's tough to keep your dignity without the Big Red Binary Scale. I know the girl last night wasn't a supermodel but I was blacked out and she was a still 1."
by LazyChodeLupo July 21, 2009
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