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The REAL Big four, unlike someones definition, are the kings of thrash metal.
The big four are:
In that order
by EIEKTRICEYE September 17, 2011
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Usually relates to the "Big Four" Grunge bands of the early '90s.
The Big Four are:

Pearl Jam
Alice in Chains

Even more interesting, they all come from Seattle
"The Big Four were pioneers for the Grunge genre, not to mention, they just plain kick ass!"
by GrrTigerMonster April 07, 2009
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There are four essential items in any mans life: pound the pussy, eat some food, good shit, and a nice nap. Pound. Eat. Shit. Nap.

The big four is when you can hit all those items in a single day. But it only counts when you hit all four. You can't count two eats, one shit, and one nap, as a big four. However, once the four are completed in a single day, you can add on additional items for a Big Five, Big Six, and so on.
Hey Hal, did you get the big four this weekend? No, the old bag wouldn't let me pound!
by BigJohnson77 December 30, 2015
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