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A man with an inhumanly large genital member. To qualify for this name you have these: 1.) A penis of 6 or more inches 2.) The thickness of a large cucumber, pickle, zuchini or some other green cylindrical vegetable 3.) A mass of veins (veinage) 4.) A wrinkly nutsack that claps against your thighs as you penetrate vagina

Once heard in the Project Pat song "Dis Bitch, Dat Hoe" feat. Ludacris
Girl 1: Hey Chanel!!! Did you and Kano get freaky last night?
Girl 2: OMFG!!! Yes we did, he's a fuckin animal...My walls stretched like 3 inches
Girl 1:....Dear god and everything that is holy....
Girl 2: Yes Kevin is a Big Dick Monster!!!
Girl 1: Could fuck him or least hold his monstrosity in hands and stare at its beauty as if its a mythical beast
Girl 2: ....Bitch No!!! That dick got my smell on it, I marks my territory!
by Chanel(Kevins[kano] Boo) July 27, 2009
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