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The reward you give to your female in sexual activity for pleasuring you. This reward includes your "Car" in her "Garage" before you get "Happy", then you try to get as "Happy" as possible and fast as possible till her "Garage" has to stretch and you leave a big old glob of "mayonnaise" to fill the "Garage". Scientists suggest to repeat this for extra pleasure to the woman. You might even get her to say "Big Cacona"! Once she says this, you are "THE MAN".
Last night my girl gave me a nice blow, so for a gift for doing this, I did the job of the Big Cacona!
by Rock Rockington March 25, 2009
The fruitiest word ever made usually used by common americans.
Jake: See this is why I hate Americans...
by KeithM00n March 25, 2009
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