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The act of ejaculating on someone and then throwing feathers onto them. As a rule, only truly accomplished when the feathers are yellow, but white will suffice.
I was running out of things to do to her so I tried big birding. Everything was going well until I realized the feathers weren't yellow. I'll get her next time.
by Jeff15373 August 11, 2011
Falling asleep seated on the couch with your head down so that your chin is touching your chest, like Big Bird sleeps.
Kid: Mom ... you might want to go take big bird in here to bed.

Mother: Is your father big birding again?
by ChrisTheMeat March 20, 2012
The act of climbing on someone car, pulling down ones pants and taking a huge dump on the windshield.
Bob hates Tom so he ate wings and tacos, " time to go Big Birding", later that night he climb on top of Toms car and took a dump.
by Superurber October 14, 2012

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