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A pokemon from the Diamond & Pearl series, that is commonly used as an HM bitch. Unfortunately, Bidoof cannot learn Fly.

Can also be used as an insult.
I taught my Bidoof Surf, Flash and Cut!

You're such a Bidoof!!!
by D Ched January 14, 2008
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an incredibly powerful pokemon with the ability to to incredible attacks such as special doof cannon and --. it often hangs out with lucario.
bidoof once walked into a bar. the world exploded. one planet cannot contain that much awesome.
by ODST May 29, 2008
a mistake.
guy 1: i just made a huge bidoof
guy 2: wow, that's terrible...
by metapod used harden August 05, 2010
A very simple Beaver-like Pokemon you can catch in the beginning of certain Pokemon games. Its simplicity is what makes it so powerful. Defeating another player with this Pokemon feels good to do but bad to be done to. This Pokemon can only be loved or hated.
I hope one day to be the greatest Bidoof trainer this world has ever seen!
by famguy3 August 01, 2011
A slang term for a girl's cooch.
Jenn's bidoof learned to use clamp!
by Anon ih muss March 27, 2009
a person with an aloof face and a bad sense of humor. thus, in shorter terms, a bidoof.
that nigga's a bidoof. xD
by Tomahawk Jones May 19, 2007

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