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Biddy's are dumbass bitches who skankily nab shitty alcohol from others. Bros can be described as the male-biddy, except they provide the alcohol and often engage in bro rape. The two generally party together, and have a distinct lust for music like Dave Matthews Band and the song Sexy Bitch.

As a result, the Biddy-Bro Complex is characterized by not thinking or forming independent conclusions. The lack of individual thought is a direct result of near-constant alcohol consumption.
States like New Jersey, Texas, and Connecticut are plagued by the Biddy-Bro Complex. Try finding a town in these states without 6 malls and several warehouses full of natty lite.
#bro #biddy #brainwashed #america #beer #beer pong #plastic
by A Thoughtful American December 07, 2009
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