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A blue cartoon guy. Makes toons for the clock crew. Is the bearer of one multicoloured eye.
Real person behind Biblo is suspected to be a Middle Eastern Midget

Person 2: "Pffft, that's just Biblo"
by Waltons December 27, 2004
Full Name: Biblo Porgam

Biblo's descent is one of great importance. His story is long and beautiful. But we don't have time for that now. He is blue, has a multicouloured eye, writes comics and makes Clock Crew cartoons. Suspected to be an Iranian midget.
d00d 1: Holy sex piss, this comic is the most amazing comic I ever did read!!

d00d 2: Yep, that's Jhonen Vasquez for you. If you like that one, try one by Biblo.

d00d 1: This comic is also rather enjoyable.
by Spunk Wizard December 30, 2004
Something, what looks like Bible, but infact, it is Kamasutra.
I watch Biblos every night
by Nein256 May 28, 2016
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