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1. A thinly veiled cover-up for cuddling and otherwise being physically familiar with another, especially when those involved already have significant others.
2. Cuddling, etc., while talking about the Bible.
Sorry the door was the locked. We were having Bible study.
by Outside Onlooker June 27, 2010
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The practice of worshipping the Cannabis Lord.
Stoner1-"Going over to Stoner2's for bible study tonight."
Stoner3-"Oh you're gonna get high?"
by StonedJesus March 05, 2011
Slang for having sexual activity with someone & using the excuse of being religious, preferably with someone with the name of Jordan.
'Hey, I've got bible study tonight with Jordan.'
'Sorry Jasmine & Seazer, but my bible study with Jordan is far more important than feeding the homeless.'
by Awesomality January 02, 2014
this is codeword for smoking weed...good to use in notes at school or on the phone.
Person 1: You coming to bible study at the park tonight?
Person 2: Hell yeah man!!! I got 50 hot in that shit!
Person 1: Strait, I'm making a stop at the preacher's house after school. You should ride.
by smokie mcpott December 01, 2004
The initials of bible study are B.S.
B.S. also stands for Butt sex
John: hey you wanna go to the movies tomorrow
Julio: no, i already told Jake that i would have bible study with him at his house.
by bologna sjdkd June 14, 2008
When a group of people get together and smoke weed.
"Whos up for a bible study?"
by Beckatha November 10, 2007
Euphamism for masturbation.
dude A: Where's Sam?
dude B: Studying the bible. He'll be done soon.
by Collin Miller April 25, 2005

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