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A gorgeous woman with exceptional taste in music and fashion. Looks good all the time whilst still being an amazingly nice person and who people should respect at all times. Also, she is very cute and adorable.
Person 1:"omg, did you just see that woman?"
Person 2:"yes, i'm pretty sure that was a Bhavneet"
by boxer briefs December 27, 2012
bad ass, sexy beast, that pimps a little to much for his own good
we were like bhavneet on the hoes last night.
by bubbak January 17, 2009
A very large land mass which is required at least 5 tons of food daily and is the main reason for starvation amongs the world. yet still this landmass belives it is a human and to make things worse a very ugly one
Holy shit did u see that thing, i think it was bhavneet
by none666 May 21, 2008

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