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Beyrom - any person called this is officially THE coolest guy in the whole world. People will often bow down before him in the street because he is so cool. It helps to wear a name tag, and then everybody will know how cool you are, and you will receive impromptu gifts and sexual favours. You also give off a glow of happiness, which can 'infect' others around you. This can lead to feelings of contentedness and deep sexual desire.
Guy 1: 'Woah, that Beyrom guy, you know he is THE coolest guy in the whole world?'

Guy 2: 'Yeah, I saw him walking down the street yesterday and I had to lick his shoes. They tasted of peach.'

Guy 1: 'Woah, you're one lucky dude.'

Guy 2: 'Yeah, I feel like royalty.'
by ElderflowerKing May 21, 2009
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