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Looking/ Feeling at your best at a given time or place.
Usualy on your way to a party or on a night out.
The phrase can also be used in the past tense but only on the first tuesday of the month.
Useage of the phrase out of context and NOT on the first tuesday of the month results in the word adopting a broader meaning, Reffering to ones Aura or general vibe.
Caution must be taken when using the phrase in our out of context withi na group of more then three people because one persons Bevin, does not apply to another person.
Each individual takes on their own meaning of the phrase bevin and this must be discusses exactly one hour prior to each useage of the word in any given public situation.
"You're looking Bevinly Today"
"You just look Beh" (Not a full bevinly)
by Dirk Diggler III October 27, 2010
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