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Bethan is the most amazing person in the world, she's beautiful, kind and always knows what to say to people when they're upset. She has a huge obsession in Olly Murs and plans to marry him one day. Near enough everybody wants to be friends with her even because she's awesome and at times she can come across as very quiet but once you get to know her she's the loudest person on the planet. She's super clever but can have blonde moments at times but that's what's funny about her. If you don't know a Bethan, you have never lived!
I love Bethan
by CoolBeans4Life December 02, 2011
47 19
bloody scary when given a ribbon!!! or a fan for that matter
what the hell am i supposed to do with this pie?
by tepidcow November 10, 2003
47 32
A great welsh name often causing confusion. Heck yes.
"Hey I'm Bethan!"
"Oh, hii...*hand shake stops as person processes this*"
"It's like Bethany without the 'y,' it's Welsh...*sigh*"
"Um, Bethan-y? Beth anne? Are you sure it's not Bethany?"
"Oh you're so right! All my life I've forgotten the y! Thank you, kind citizen!"
by smadawitheileen January 12, 2012
15 4
Bethan is an inocent looking girl who, whithout meaning it, leads all her male friends into her trap where she plays with there hearts and then tosses them out with nothing to show for it but a broken heart.
also Bethan is believes herself to be greatly missunderstood and different when really Bethan's just attention seeking.
also Bethan changes her mind about who she fancies about every 2 days,
Bethan is pesimistic
Bethan is big headed
Bethan takes everything the rong way
Bethan says blonde stuff alot
"no i don't fancy him anymore, i did a bethan"
"I'm not looking for anybody right now, or am i thinking bethanlike?"
"omg that is such a bethan thing to say"
by Betty (aka Bethan) September 20, 2003
119 113
Untrustworthy dangerous girl. She is suspiciously cute, but never to be trusted. One moment she is doscile, the next she is biting, scratching, or otherwise fussing.

Proffesses to be queen of the universe, but has been seen wearing a princess shirt. Claims it is a very old shirt.

Likes baths, chewies, beer, and pickles. Also fond of ice-packs.

Often hungry.
Ohh no! It's the Bethan!

The Bethan likes, therefore I like it.

The Bethan just gave you a dirty look!
by Loud Canadian May 22, 2003
61 55
quirky yet wikid member of the general public
is groovedy
is not weird
hates chocolate but likes boys
look, its bethan being bethan-like
by moogy poop February 16, 2004
25 22