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A Welsh name which IS NOT Bethany!

It is my name and I get annoyed how often I get called Bethany.
Actual MSN Conversation!

(*)Jason(*) says:
Hi, you ok? And where are you from?
Bethan :) says:
Hey, I'm from Wales :) I'm great thanks, you?
(*)Jason(*) says:
Coooool! I'm from Houston! I'm very well. So you're name's Bethany? Niiice.
Bethan :) says:
It's actually Bethan... 8-) It's Welsh...
(*)Jason(*) says:
Oh. Sorry !
by Bethan1989 May 14, 2008
Bethan is absolutely lovely. She r0x0rs. Bethan likes paracetamol. Anyone who comes into contact with Bethan should feel enlightened.
"Yesterday I was enlightened. I met Bethan."
by Dan June 28, 2004
Bethan is me, go me!
I am a Bethan and i rock
by Bethan April 03, 2005
She's a very nice person. And will one day marry jonny depp, (but must share him with her friends carys and anwen) Bethan's favourite food is chocolate, she likes it hot, cold whatever, one day i even heard her saying she took a bath in it! (NOT) If you don't know a bethan, you definately should!
let's make a monument to commemrate our friend bethan, obviously it should be made out of chocolate!
by anwen(the greatest) February 25, 2004
Bethan is a welsh name that is often mistaken for Bethany , it actually means Elizabeth Anne according to the Celtic Book Of Names
Bethan not Bethany
by iwishthat August 16, 2008
A lovely long blonde haired gullible idiot. She also tends to go a bit OTT and exagerate what she's feeling. Loveable all the same
Also worries about not getting a moterbike while drunk. Cannot catch rasberry archers in her mouth.
Is not a hippy
"Bethans so silly" *slaps*
"Awww i love bethan"
"Bethan it's quiet time"
by ruth September 19, 2003
The best flatmate in the world ever, headbutt that can kill ;o)
To "do a Beth" take forever to get ready
by joanna December 04, 2004