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(best • ah) 1. (adv.) a replacement for any adverb in the English language.
2. (interjection) a replacement for any greeting, inquiry, and/or affirmative exclamation. The addition of "not" following besta can be used in place of any negative exclamation.
3. (definite article) a replacement for "the"
4. (pronoun) Can replace any pronoun in the English language
5. (adj.) At the speaker's discretion, it can replace an adjective
As a adverb -- Besta pass me the pepper

As a greeting -- The Beaver: Hi, Wally! Wally: Besta!

As a inquiry-- Wally: I feel sick. Beaver: Besta? Wally: Yeah, besta got drunk last night.

As an affirmative exclamation -- Wally: Want to get krunked and find some hos? Beaver: Besta!

As a negative exclamation -- Wally: Do you want to call it an early night? Beaver: Besta not!

As a definite article -- Wally: Besta cops broke down mah door and took mah crack pipe.

As a pronoun -- Beaver: Besta smells like yo momma's coochie.

(Note: There is some debate amongst scholars as to the validity of Besta as a verb and noun. The liberal school of thought views besta as both a noun and verb as well.
Ex. Verb -- Wally: Beaver, can you besta me a rubber for me and mah ho?
Ex. Noun -- Beaver: Besta forgot dem besta and she gave me gonorrhea.)
by Dem Brownettes April 07, 2008
You better
"You besta text me this summer so we can chill"
by xoxo11 May 20, 2010
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