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1) Noun: an acquaintance with whom you trust a five minute speech that could, potentially, ruin the rest of your life.

2) Antiquated expression used to delineate the "best swordsman" by your side as you kidnapped your "betrothed".
1) It would be an honor to be your Best man

2) Gather your Best man; we're off to find us wenches, er...wives!
by med3vil February 07, 2010
A crew of only two members, affering themselves to be the best in that area or even a bigger one.
Original Best Men were the two big ones keepin it real in Stockholm, Sweden.
by Mons Berg September 30, 2006
Someone who is the closest friend of another who is hosting a party.
Hey man, im throwing a banger next week, wana be my best man?

Sure man, i'll supply the booze.
by Cypher456 May 11, 2011
A name for someone whos awesome.
"Yeah that Jackson dude is a bestmen!"
by Jackson Getrad Buhck August 11, 2005