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The condition of your character in a video game (such as Rainbox 6 or Call of Duty) where your character is blinded and/or stunned by a flashbang. This causes you to:

1. See the world as if it's moving slowly
2. Hear a ringing in your ears
3. Have an image burned in your eyes
4. Have general disorientation and confusion

The phrase comes from Tom Hanks' role in Saving Private Ryan, in which his character is "stunned" by the battle (explosions, dead men, etc) during the invasion of Normandy in which he displays the above symptoms. In addition to calling this experiece "Tom Hanks Mode" you may also refer to this as "getting Tom Hanksed".
Gamer 1: Dude, you didn't back me up!
Gamer 2: Sorry, man. I was in Tom Hanks Mode.

Gamer 1: You're just standing there, shoot someone!
Gamer 2: I just got Tom Hanksed, give me a break!
by Zoniax January 29, 2008
The fictional main character in the 2007 movie "There Will Be Blood", Daniel Plainview is many things. He is an Oil Man. He is a family man. It has even been said that he is the third revelation.

Frequently drunk and angry, he epitomizes everything I wish I could be. He beats up religious leaders, threatens to kill powerful men for talking about his family, is an expert on drainage, and a milkshake connoisseur as well. In short, a complete badass in every way.
Daniel Plainview's Famous Quotes:

"Did you just tell me how to raise my family, Tilford? One of these days I'm going to come to you, wherever you sleep, and I'm going to cut your throat."

"DRAIIIIIINAGE! Drainage, Eli, you BOY! Here, if you have a milkshake, and I have a milkshake. And I also have a straw, see there it is. And my straw - are you watching? - my straw reaches acrooooooossss the room and starts to drink your milkshake. I. Drink. Your... MILKSHAKE! *SSSSSLURP* I DRINK IT UP!"

"I look at people sometimes and I see nothing to like... I hate most people."
by Zoniax June 12, 2008
A man's best friend is undoubtably his dog. They're friendly, loyal, quirky, and great to talk to. A great friend, one who will never judge your wardrobe or what you said or did today. When you come home, all they want from you is a hello and a petting. They'll never refuse attention, or a treat (or several). They'll love you simply for being there and loving them back.
My dog Biscuit is a great dog. Truly man's best friend.
by Zoniax June 08, 2009
BOSH is an Xbox Live clan. It was created in 2008, during the apex of Call of Duty 4. Though it is mainly a Call of duty clan, BOSH has been known to dabble in other games such as Halo, Rainbow 6, and Ghost Recon. Unlike many clans, the letters B-O-S-H are not an acronym for any name or slogan.

BOSH has very few members, and this is by design. They have just a few simple rules that must be followed:

1. Always play fair. This means:
- No cheating/glitching
- No corner sitting
- No ridiculous useage of weaponry (i.e. launching rifle
grenades into the air at every opportunity in the off chance it MIGHT kill someone)

2. Always play for the good of your teammates:
- Communicate
- Let your teammates know where you are
- Let them know where the enemies are/where you were just killed from
- Watch their backs
- This sometimes means getting very few kills, if only
because you are protecting their backsides exclusively

3. Have fun
- It's not all serious. Losses are fine, as long as you try
your best. Everyone has off nights, BOSH is no exception
- Jokes about promiscuous females, as well as other
member's mothers are acceptable and in fact encouraged

The members of BOSH are as follows:

BOSHQ Bal 14

If you ever see these names together all at once, you can count on having a fun, fair game. Also, plan on having your ass handed to you.
When you play BOSH, it can usually be expected that you will lose. If you must refer to this loss, you may say "I was just BOSHed!" or, "That was a hell of a BOSHing".

Gamer 1: Man, we got our asses handed to us!

Gamer 2: I know, we got BOSHed. Those BOSH guys play too fair for us. Let's go play a bunch of corner- sitting glory hogs instead.

Gamer 1: Definitely. I need to get my next Prestige level faster. Can't do it playing fairly, like BOSH seems to do. *Leaves lobby
by Zoniax January 14, 2010

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