the best song ever its a great song i listen to it everyday i prefer the clean version
clean: u the u the best

dirty: u the fucking best

dirty dont flow as good

lizzie: i love the song best i ever had
by xxgirlxx August 01, 2009
Top Definition
That one person that makes you feel like nobody else does. Your happier with them and they make life better. You love everything abou them. They are all around better than any of the other boyfriens/girlfriends that you'v ever had!!
R: Baby nobody makes me feel like you do

B: aww your so sweet!

R: Fareal babe you my best I ever had
by 1-15-25 June 11, 2009
The best breakup song ever made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Best I ever had."
Me: You're just the best I ever had!

Friend: Dude, you're a dumb ass.
by meggo23 October 28, 2009
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