A Best Friend is an appointed position by someone because they trust you. A "best friend" is someone who you regard as your brother or sister you never had. You will always fight with your best friend, but the best part is making up and sorting things to move on.
I have the best "best" friend in the world.
by Dae Thizzle' August 18, 2004
A best friend is one of the loves of your life, without them you are lost, when you lose one you are completely and utterly heartbroken.

A best friend loves you the most. A best friend cries with you when you get hurt. A best friend cuddles you when they know you need to be comforted. A best friend doesn’t have to ask what is wrong, they already know. A best friend holds your hand when you have to take a leap. A best friend isn't embarrassed by the things you do. A best friend tells the whole world how special you are. A best friend is all you really need!

guy - whose that odd ball?
girl - that's my best friend, she's awesome, I just love her!
by leopardprintkid March 06, 2009
Two people that are always together. Two people that are friends no matter what. People that have been thru thick and thin. Two people that know each other way tooo welll!
Sierra & JQ are bestfriends NO MATTER WHAT!
by BrothaaFromAnotherMothaa May 17, 2011
a bond between two people that can never be broken. Something so magical and amazing that life its self would feel incomplete with out that one. A soul mate, an inspiration, a partner in crime, and most importantly a sister/brother. No one will ever understand the bond between two bestfriend except for them. its omethng special.
between all best friends there relationship is beyond reconition.
by EEC July 23, 2008
Someone that is willing to sacrifice the insignificant so that you can feel SIGNIFICANT. Someone that puts you FIRST because they know you will always be there and have always been there from the beginning.
My best friend is my favorite person in the world. He would never put another person's feelings before mine.

Patient, Committed, Loyal, Trustworthy, Sweet, Passionate, and working on his temper :)
by Reeseecup April 12, 2005
Someone you trust completely. They are your shoulder to cry on and are ready to dig the graves. They listen and they tell you when you are being stupid. People tend to mistake them as your significant other because they don't understand the kind of love you can have without being in a romantic relationship. They might as well be family if they aren't already. They will last the test of time. Even when you seem like complete opposites they simply balance you out. You can show up at their house at anytime and they wouldn't think twice. You don't let anyone come between you two. You can fight and you can call each other every name in the book but if you need help they will be there for you. And if anyone hurts you or them God help their soul because they have to deal with the wrath of a best friend.
Person 1: Why are those to always together? They are nothing alike. Are they dating or something?

Person 2: Them? Nah. For some reason they are best friends
by PBunny January 01, 2011
Best friend, also known as hetero life mate in a non-homosexual way. Best friends share anything and everything; they have no secrets from each other. A best friend will joke you, piss you off, and make you cry; but at the end of the day they're always your "person". They're number one in your life, despite significant others and family. Hell, they ARE your family. Despite whatever fuck-ups they make, you still have to love them cause there's no way you couldn't. With a best friend, you become pyschic. You finish each others sentences, think about calling the person right as they're calling you, say the same thing at the same time all the time, and walk in step...even when you try to not walk in step on purpose. A best friend is your other half.
Every weekend, best friends Katie and Calyx had something planned; they were attached at the hip & inseparable.
by Calyxandria March 11, 2007
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