A best friend is a person who means the most to you. You always think about them, and miss them when they aren't with you. You have inside jokes with them and a whole bunch of little things that are only significant to the two of you. You know each others family and practically live at each others house. You may call their parents 'mom' or 'dad'. This is the person you trust with your biggest secrets. You tell them anything and everything, and you think alike. This person understands you best, and gets you. You can talk on the phone for hours without even saying anything. You may go to the bathroom, take showers, or sleep while on the phone with this person. You love this person and all their faults, knowing that's what makes them who they are. You do everything together, and you don't need to worry about what they will think of you if you do this or that. They act crazy with you and have no problem looking mentally retarded with you. They might accidently ruin your stuff, or mess something up, but you just laugh because you love this person to death. You would take a bullet for this person, and they should come before boyfriends or girlfriends. They always consider your feelings, and they probably tease you a lot. You say mean things to each other because you find it funny. You may laugh at random things the normal person wouldn't. This person loves to be with you, and you are probably very similar. This is the person you're not afraid to say 'i love you' to, and sleep in the same bed with them. You may have known them since kindergarden, or since highschool. You just find this person fun, and loyal. Best friends are the best people in the world.
My best friend reads my mind.
I would say she is almost like an exact copy of me. And even though she pees her pants on my bed, I still love her to death, and she is my favorite person in the entire world.
by :] ilybestieee. February 18, 2008
the person who knows you're completely insane, but loves you anyways.
Toni is my best friend because I'm ridiculous and she doesn't care.
by hayleysamerryprankster February 19, 2009
Someone who you can come to for advice. They ALWAYS give you the right kind. If they don't then they feel HORRIBLE for it. They make you smile WHENEVER your around them. You trust them with everything you have in you. They know you better than you know yourself. You can give them ONE look and they know what you are saying. You never run out of things to say, if you do then you just laugh about it afterwards. Best friends are everywhere for every one. and most of the time they are TWO totally different people, but it doesn't matter because you have the besssst time ever when you are around them. You have little secrets that are dumb. You have little groups that make no sense, but its so funny.
We are best friends and we know everything about eachother
by jackieeeee! May 08, 2007
A bestfriend is someone who won't hate you if you hang with some other people. Someone who is easily to talk to, and who listen's to whatever your saying. Someone who is honest to you and keep your secrets. They will never shout it out to the world. Sometimes when you got in a fight with your bestfriend, they always make up because that is what bestfriends are, not just some ordinary friends. Bestfriends; trustful, true, pure, not hard to get, and loving. Friends aint like bestfriends, friends are people who u hang out and stuff.. but ur friends .. will they listen? will they keep ur secrets? will they lie? All of that is in a bestfriend and suuuure u can have more than one best friend. They will always talk to you about stuff like broken relationships, friends, pms, and many more. They'll give you advise if you need it, they can just do about anything to make you happy.
A: " thankyou for being there for me , thankyou for giving me advise, thankyou for cheering me up when im down , you like someone i could ever trust, what could i ever do without you?"
B: You would be hurt, depressed, and down. =(. That's why i am here, B).
by geeks-R-cool July 14, 2005
A close friend but better. Usually someone you are very close to and can trust with anything. They are there for you when you are down and depressed. They will wipe your tears and cheer you up. If you've had a bad day, they'll call you that day or the next, to make sure your alright. They'll stick up for you, and will always have your back. They'll give you good advice and you can talk about anything. When you get in a fight with them, you can almost always forgive them. If theres a problem and you confront them about it, you may both be pretty upset but in the end it will all work out..and if not.. then they aren't much of a bestfriend.
Most importantly your yourself around them. And they love you and you them.
I was so down today and my bestfriend Dave brought me flowers and a hug and made it all better.
by Lauren Y May 07, 2005
A way that people have started writing "best friend" that looks stupid without the space.
facebook girl commenting on other girl's pic she's known for like two days: my bestfriend is gorgeoussss (: <333
other girl: awwww no YOUR the prettyyyy onneee (: <3<3<3
by koalatea September 22, 2011
someone who cares for you no matter what..a person who lets you cry on their shoulder when your cat died even though they dont even know your effing cat that well; and was there on moving day; someone who loves you unconditionaly but like a sister or brother
me and ellie are best friends.
by kenz40 May 15, 2007
Someone you can go to for help.
They won't judge or lie.
They know exactly whats going on with you.
They always know if you're lying or you're no feeling good.
They'll always have your back.
No matter what, you'll stick together.
Bestfriend: Lauren Bethke.
The most amazing person in the world.
by Kelly Spangenberg February 21, 2009
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