A best friend is a person who means the most to you. You always think about them, and miss them when they aren't with you. You have inside jokes with them and a whole bunch of little things that are only significant to the two of you. You know each others family and practically live at each others house. You may call their parents 'mom' or 'dad'. This is the person you trust with your biggest secrets. You tell them anything and everything, and you think alike. This person understands you best, and gets you. You can talk on the phone for hours without even saying anything. You may go to the bathroom, take showers, or sleep while on the phone with this person. You love this person and all their faults, knowing that's what makes them who they are. You do everything together, and you don't need to worry about what they will think of you if you do this or that. They act crazy with you and have no problem looking mentally retarded with you. They might accidently ruin your stuff, or mess something up, but you just laugh because you love this person to death. You would take a bullet for this person, and they should come before boyfriends or girlfriends. They always consider your feelings, and they probably tease you a lot. You say mean things to each other because you find it funny. You may laugh at random things the normal person wouldn't. This person loves to be with you, and you are probably very similar. This is the person you're not afraid to say 'i love you' to, and sleep in the same bed with them. You may have known them since kindergarden, or since highschool. You just find this person fun, and loyal. Best friends are the best people in the world.
My best friend reads my mind.
I would say she is almost like an exact copy of me. And even though she pees her pants on my bed, I still love her to death, and she is my favorite person in the entire world.
by :] ilybestieee. February 18, 2008
"Bestfriends" is a big word, you can have friends and you can have bestfriends, but you know who your bestfriends are, those are the ones who would take a bullet for you and honestly that you love like a brother, you make fun of each other, do stupid shit, but thats where the love comes from, but in the end you will always be there for each other until the day you die!
Bestfriends can kick rocks
by A loyal ferg September 02, 2014
A best friend is someone you can trust with anything who cares deeply for you and wouldn't let anyone hurt you or be by your side when someone does they will not leave you when you are going through a tough time and they know when something is wrong with you even when you are trying your best to hide it. They are often the voice of reason when you are being a dick and they are very honest with you unless they know not to be and hold back there opinion for your sake. They are often crazy and the only person you can be a total and utter freak with and be comfortable about it. They are your substitute soul mate.
Best friend: hey, how are you

Me: I'm great I couldn't be better
Best friend: no, there's something wrong with you don't try and hide it.
Me: OMG how can you tell
by wisegirl95 May 02, 2014
The friend you are closest to. No other friends are as close to a best friend as your best friend. They never leave you out, and actually care about you greatly. They are people who you tell everything to. They love, you and never call anyone else their best friend. They can also be rude, but never take it to offense. Share tons of inside jokes
You don't compare to my best friend
by amaanna April 01, 2013
A best friend is someone you could not live without, always has your back and you can talk about anything to. Someone to keep your secrets and you can be yourself around.
Ali and Emily are best friends
by pandoraluther September 25, 2012
A best friend is a person you can trust. Thats the most important part of being a best friend. They never lie to you, and always give you the straight up response whether you want to hear it or not. You know you have a best friend when you start putting them infront of your own needs and always are trying to make them happy even if your not. A best friend cares for you, and themselves. You can always read what theyre trying to say, and you can always feel if theyre in pain or sad. The happy part is you can always feel there happiness. Even if you and your best friend are fighting for whatever reason, they will ALWAYS have that special part in your heart.
I miss being able to tell my best friend anything.
by Shark Week 96 April 10, 2012
someone who is there for youu no matter what the situation is. someone who won't judge youu. someone who you caan count on & trust with anything. the person that sees you at your worst and at your best. that special person you spend more time with than anyone else. someone who you love to death & will do anything for. that person you can make inside jokes with and then in public when youu say them , people look at you like you guys are crazy but you don't care what people think about your frienship. that person you have good & bad memories with but you cherish each and every one of them. that person that will lay down words to a bitch that tries talking about youu & tries starting shit with you..LOL
anyways, long story shirt, your bestfreind is the person that will always be in you're life no matter what & is 100% trustworthy
Jasmyn is my bestfriend & everything said up there^^ is 100% true about us<3
by CookieMonster101 February 17, 2012
a best friend is someone that means the world to you. someone that you love with all your heart. someone that you wouldn't change for the world. someone that you do everything with, together. someone who is by your side just as much as you are by theirs. having a best friend is the best feeling in the whole wide world. this just makes it a hell of a lot more painful when you're no longer friends. losing this person is the biggest pain ever experienced. how can someone that brings you so much joy, bring you so much pain too? i will never know, but i still care about you, even if you hate me.
a best friend is someone you care about, that you do everything together, can confide in eachother, and trust is a massive key to this
by iwillmarrybammargera February 05, 2012

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