A best friend is a person who means the most to you. You always think about them, and miss them when they aren't with you. You have inside jokes with them and a whole bunch of little things that are only significant to the two of you. You know each others family and practically live at each others house. You may call their parents 'mom' or 'dad'. This is the person you trust with your biggest secrets. You tell them anything and everything, and you think alike. This person understands you best, and gets you. You can talk on the phone for hours without even saying anything. You may go to the bathroom, take showers, or sleep while on the phone with this person. You love this person and all their faults, knowing that's what makes them who they are. You do everything together, and you don't need to worry about what they will think of you if you do this or that. They act crazy with you and have no problem looking mentally retarded with you. They might accidently ruin your stuff, or mess something up, but you just laugh because you love this person to death. You would take a bullet for this person, and they should come before boyfriends or girlfriends. They always consider your feelings, and they probably tease you a lot. You say mean things to each other because you find it funny. You may laugh at random things the normal person wouldn't. This person loves to be with you, and you are probably very similar. This is the person you're not afraid to say 'i love you' to, and sleep in the same bed with them. You may have known them since kindergarden, or since highschool. You just find this person fun, and loyal. Best friends are the best people in the world.
My best friend reads my mind.
I would say she is almost like an exact copy of me. And even though she pees her pants on my bed, I still love her to death, and she is my favorite person in the entire world.
by :] ilybestieee. February 18, 2008
Somoene you can trust.
Someone you can love.
Someone you can sob with.
Someone you can be happy with.
Someone that you will always keep.
Someone that is bff with you.
Someone like...
Your best friend!
Olivia:I can say everything to you that is above us!
Caroline:ME TOO!
Olivia:OMG! Its true!
Caroline:We are best friends!
by Caroline Rox And You Know It October 16, 2008
Someone who is always there for you no matter what. A best friend is a person you can tell everything and they wont judge. You know someones your best friend when you find your self wanting to tell them about your day, just so you can here about theirs. Best friends are the people who would stickup for you no matter what, they are someone who is named haley ann, for example.
Haley told me her biggest secret but because she is my Best Friend i didn't judge her.
by AlexCreatesChaos August 19, 2008
(n.)- People who LOVE each other for there lives. Those hotties with those bodies. The promise you have with somebody. They are cooler then anybody else. You have the best times with them. You love them forever.
Those Best Friends are walking, talking sex gods.
by Aimsssssss December 02, 2007
A best friend is somthing you need in life. Some one you can trust and pour out all of your secrets to. A person that you love and will do anything to make them happy. Best friends have ups and downs. You can never have a best friend you have never argued with because then your not truly friends. Best friends are friends that will stay beside you even through rough times. You know who your best friend is if they wait for you to realize what you have done wrong. A best friend knows who the right girlfriend or boyfriend is for you. A best friend is a person who won't leave you even when u beg them to. A best friend will just wait there knowing that one day you will realize that they can't live without you. A best friend understands you better than you. A best friend is your heart your brain your world your earth and they are your true second half of your life. A true friend accepts you for how stupid and weird you are. Best friends stay beside you!!!!
I know we have our ups and downs but im gonna stay here and help you out because I'm your best friend.

friend trust love bff bffl
by Delightful_devil November 25, 2015
Someone who cares for you, just as much as they care abut themselves. They tell the best jokes, and always know how to cheer you up. Someone who you can tell anything to, and they'll make fun of you, but you know they're just messing around. When someone says "Who's your best friend?" They're the first person to pop into your mind.
Girl "wow I wish I had a best friend like that"
Guy "wow me too. They always look so happy."
by Hellooooohorannn June 11, 2015
Someone you can trust. Someone you can never replace. Best Friends are even closer than just friends. They are like your sibling but even closer. They are loyal. Best Friends are friends that you love and they will never leave you. They love you for who you are and accept any flaws. If they leave and never come back, they are not considered a Best Friend. Best friends always have your back.
That girl over there is my Best Friend, I love her to death.

I can only trust my Best Friend.
My Best Friend is the best.
I have so much fun with my Best Friend.
by ChanyeolsLovee June 10, 2015
A mutual feeling when you put someone first and they do the same to you. The may have other friends but your number one
Wow Kate is literally my best friend. I can tell her anything.
by iknowwhatthatmeans May 23, 2015
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