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A whipped bitch with actions deeply synonymous with the actions of a loyal, terminally-ill pet. Usually found to have a woodland critter for hair. Will tell you how much he cares about his consistently failed crush. In response, you will most likely blow him off and inform him that he is a fucktard.

Generally spotted with an imaginary spiked collar with a short leash made of chain links attached to it. On the other end of the collar lies an emotionally mutilated girl who doesn't know what the fuck she wants. Quite often, this girl can be categorized as a thunderbunt.
Esteban: Holy shit, have you seen Bertrum lately?
Cristobo: Yeah dude, he slept outside Sondra's door when she didn't come to lunch.
Esteban: FUCKING thunderbunt.
Cristobo: Tell me about it. Fucking Bertrum. What a diseased piece of ass, sleeping outside the rooms of raging thunderbunts.

by Quantum Bitch-Slap September 14, 2007
Noun: A homosexual male or effeminate heterosexual male. Often shortened to "Birch".

From the Latin: Bertronius - A citizen of Rome who is light in the sandals.
Chris: Is that dude holding a handbag?

Stef: I think it's called a 'Manbag'

Chris: Either way he's clearly a bertrum!

Alex: Such a birch!
by A1exander May 11, 2014
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