Also known as a brain fart, it first appeared shortly after the Emmys when CBS anchorwoman Serene Branson had an infamous tongue-tied episode on live television.
I had an embarrassing bertation when I was giving that speech, dammit!
by X1rtam February 14, 2011
The feeling you get for someone who only won two grammy's when they were nominated for ten.
Well a very very hepay uh hevay da bertation tonight we had a very dara dareson bite lets go hit tara tazen engschlebet dey had da pit.
by Dareson Engschlebet February 17, 2011
Another word for fail, deriving from Serene Branson's attempt at reporting from the Grammies, resulting in her melting down on live television in what appeared to be an impersonation of someone having a stroke.
Dude, did you see that YouTube video of Serene Branson, that was such a bertation!
by Jaxsbudgie March 02, 2011
Similar to a dowry, but involving a sexual favor of the father's choosing.
Ely had a very derison, but was anxious there might be a heavy bertation, so he hedge en a peth lebet.
by Doctor Galactic c/o Benjammin February 17, 2011

1. When a reporter completely loses it on TV.

2. When you have the worlds biggest brain fart.

3. When you lose all control over what you are saying.

4. See YouTube.
Well a very very ...uh heafy der, Bertation tonight. we had a very dares, dareson, fight. let's go ahead tears tazin'. lets go ahead ..
by Len Dog February 14, 2011
A fill-in word used to replace a word in which one cannot bring to mind.
Well a very very heaveh... uh, heavy deh, bertation tonight.
by CalebTheGuitarist February 18, 2011
When somebody loses control of him or herself, or generally has an epic fail.
You really had a bertation today during your presentation.
by gimli1995 February 18, 2011
To have a stroke or to have some sort of fit while speaking publicly.
Serene Branson from CBS2 had a bertation while reporting on the Grammy's
by DrewBates February 14, 2011

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