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Bertation, a term coined by CBS News' Serene Branson, can be simply defined as a massive error in a normal sentence, where it gives the impression you are either

a.) Possessed by demons
b.) Mentally retarded
c.) Having a stroke
d.) From the moon.
There was a heavy bertation tonight

Hey, so how abou dears der aer taerss oh my god, I totally just had a bertation
by Bertation February 16, 2011
When someone messes up a sentence beyond recognition.
Well a very very heavay - uh - heaveh bertation tonight. We had a very darist-darison, by, lets go hit teret taysan those to the bet who had the pet
by Thedarison February 20, 2011
Something that must have been heavy during the 2011 Grammys according to news anchor Serene Branson.
"Well a very, very heaveh, ah heavy do it bertation tonight. We had a very dares-dareson...bite let's go ahead, terris tazingless to the bit and have the pet." -Serene Branson
by jackson edison February 28, 2011
Very he-vay. As coined by Serene Branson of CBS Channel 2 News.
Well a very, very heavy- uh- heavy- divi- bertation tonight. We had a very deras- derason. By- let’s go ahe- teras- tazin- lshtbdt- hedapet.
by Bryanplayspiano February 14, 2011
Bertation is a resulting pattern of speech from a stroke victim or a person with a traumatic head injury. The speech is characterized by words and sentences which either make no sense or aren't words at all.
Example would be the report given by sereen branson at the 2011 grammies. She invented the word bertation during her speech malfunction reportedly caused by a "complex migraine"
by johnnybaaad February 19, 2011
Going Full Derp or generally just failing to engage your brain before speaking.
Serene Branson had a Very Heavy Bertation tonight.
by AKA4 February 14, 2011
The emotion felt when a favorite performer does not meet expectations at an award ceremony, despite multiple nominations.

Sometimes spelled, "burtation" or "bertasion".
Well a very very heavay-uh-heaveh bertation tonight. We had a very darist-darison, by, lets go hit teret taysan those to the bet who had the pet.
by OregonMyOregon February 18, 2011
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