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n. two males who live together and often sleep in the same bed in a neighborhood where giant canaries, coke fiend mastadons, cookie enthusiasts, vampires with a fettish for numbers, a talking carpet who is disgruntled and live in a trash can, and a doll who begs to be "tickled" terrorize deaf mutes and a Latina woman usually named Maria
There is really no need with a definition like that.
by Jupiter Armstrong April 17, 2004
Derogatory term for two gay males. This can be a noun to describe someone, a noun to describe an act, and an adjective.
Noun1: Heh heh, check out Bert and Ernie!
Noun2: Ew! They were in the bathroom doin' the Bert and Ernie!
Adjective: Those two homos are so Bert and Ernie!
by The Protagonist July 26, 2005
Sexual term when two dudes give each other hand jobs in separate beds.
Those two room mates are so homo, they probably give each other Bert and Ernies all the time.
by Intrepid Traveler February 16, 2012
A girl who is having a threesome with two guys, gets them rock hard and then leaves to get condoms, never returning, leaving two erect men in a room alone together.
-"I pretty much used these douchebags for drinks all night and when we got back to their place.."
-"You fucked them?"
-"Nope, Bert and Ernie."
by mrsclaaaaark August 16, 2011
refers to an usually fat middle-aged woman's saggy rack, supposedly because they resemble the character Bert from the children's TV show Sesame Street's long oval-shaped head.
That old fattie sure has a pair of Bert and Ernie's.
by PaigeParanoiaa October 16, 2008
When something is tight
Example 1: "Man that party last night was so Bert and Ernie bro!"

Example 2: "Dude she was sooooooooo Bert and Ernie I'm gonna hit that one more time"
by SandmanIsABeast July 25, 2010
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