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A comedian/actor and a funny funny man. Known for starring in the DVD "The Original Kings of Comedy." Most rememebered for the Milk and Cookies skit as well as the definition of Motherfucker. Also has a TV show titled, "The Bernie Mac Show."

Man 1: Yo man who is your favorite comedian?
Man 2: Bernie Mac
by nybigtymer March 14, 2008
The best comedian in the world RIP man
Guy 1 : did you hear bernie mac died august 9th?

guy 2 : damn that sucks that guy was funny
by SeAn HiNtOn August 09, 2008
one of the greatest comedians the world has everbeheld.
shit were amazing. Rest in Peace Bernie Mac
by Kesan August 24, 2008
1. The person Bernie Mac
2. A specific type of open-handed face slap, starting with a slow short backswing, followed by a full-force forward swing, with completion of the arc even after the hand makes contact with the receiving face; less commonly, may also refer to its backhanded variant.

1. The act of performing a Bernie Mac (slap).
"Remember that time in the movie Head of State when Bernie Mac was chosen as the running mate?"

"Yeah! I love that part when he Bernie Macs those reporters."
by hengenry January 02, 2015
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