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Great person and comedian. Died at age 50 in Chicago on August 9th.
R.I.P. Bernie Mac
by 420kush420 August 09, 2008
96 8
A comedian/actor and a funny funny man. Known for starring in the DVD "The Original Kings of Comedy." Most rememebered for the Milk and Cookies skit as well as the definition of Motherfucker. Also has a TV show titled, "The Bernie Mac Show."

Man 1: Yo man who is your favorite comedian?
Man 2: Bernie Mac
by nybigtymer March 14, 2008
195 39
The best comedian in the world RIP man
Guy 1 : did you hear bernie mac died august 9th?

guy 2 : damn that sucks that guy was funny
by SeAn HiNtOn August 09, 2008
91 16
one of the greatest comedians the world has everbeheld.
shit were amazing. Rest in Peace Bernie Mac
by Kesan August 24, 2008
61 11
bernie-mac stealing a jacket
ohmg it's bernie-mac code orange!!!
0 3
A euphemism for marijuana. Hanging out with bernie mac constitutes a smoke session.
hey man, bernie mac and i are coming over to hang out
by alltootechnical2 January 24, 2011
5 17
A black comedian who reigned as one of the "King's of Comedy" from the late 70's until his timely death in 2008. Apparently, one had to be black or mentally impaired to understand his humor. One of his only strong points was the ability to use the "race card" and weak observational family comedy. He was not missed by any intelligent person.
This stand-up comedian is pulling a Bernie Mac.
by whiteboy1983 May 25, 2010
17 48