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Is a very inbred, smelly and POOR family who live in Queensland Australia.This species of Australian often are quite open about their feelings and are often seen trying to hump the legs of the same sex. These random acts of 'Royal Crass' often impinge on the rights of others to lead a normal life. Instead of local currency they have developed there own form of currency, 'Crumbs'. Even with the currency of their own bread crumbs (which are often found on brown 70's style couches), they still seem to struggle to make a living.
Ok. so weve defined a Bernhagen, but tell me how can you tell if your living over the fence from a family of them?

Well, They all speak their own dialect of english. Its sounds very prehistoric or (neanderthal) The mother is quite happy to mate with any combination of her offspring or 'Public' in public, They dress with rags and cloth and you will see them begging for a bag of crumbs.

"Pov Just pure pov" (Herr Crumb)
by Selwyn Fruitbowl March 23, 2005
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