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The new offence word for 2008,

someone who is a general ass
Situation One

Simon : man i forgot to bring some beers
Dave: God damn simon why are you such a berlock

Situation Two

Marvin "Hey, hows it going bert?"
Tweeny "fuck you berlock"
Marvin *:<*

Situation Three

Tom "Did you catch that movie on itv last night?
Tony "Oh, shit man i totally forgot"
Tom "well arent you a berlock"
Tony "hey, now thats just mean"
Tom "well, im a cold hearted person"
Tony "so was hitler"
Tom "hows that relevant?"
Tony "Im half jewish"
Tom "Jewlock"
#burlock #merlock #berlock #jew #hitler #mayonaise
by Ruscal April 30, 2008
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