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When you finger a girl and you lift them up in the air and you shift into the hitler salute while holding them in the air.
Teacher: The Berlin Airlift in 1948 supplied food and fuel to citizens of west Berlin when the russians closed off land access to Berlin.

Jim : nahhh thats not what it is. Just ask your mom, i Berlin Airlifted her last night.
by Bpro June 06, 2007
A sex act in which a man stands upon a piece of furniture (usually the end of the bed itself) and masturbates (whether simply masturbating or finishing another sexual act), pumping his ejaculate high into an arc to land upon his partner who is lying on the bed.
She sucked me off until I was almost done, then I jumped up real quick and stood on the end of the bed and stroked myself until I gave her a Berlin Airlift... oh man, the spooge splattered everywhere, it was so awesome.
by pricklybear February 21, 2007
Calling out a cup prior to a shot during a game of beer pong /beirut claiming that said cup will be the one aforementioned shot will land in.
To your opponents: Here comes the Berlin Airlift. You guys are the hungry East Germans and I am Harry Truman. That while pointing at cup is your famished family and here comes the boxes of food.
by FloydBanks April 20, 2008
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