A Berger is an incredibly ugly child. A Berger is always higly contagious and annoying. A berger can commonly be found loitering around Tamarrama beach, scots and under trucks.
I just threw up when i looked at berger.

Accelerate the truck I can see Berger.

Run Steph Run. I can see Berger.
by Bograt October 15, 2006
Top Definition
The act of forcing your bare skinned rear end into another's face in which the nose of the recipient is prodded deep into the rectum of the donor. When delivering a berger it is almost always necessary to have accomplices pin down the beneficiary beforehand to ensure cooperation.
Mike had been eagerly waiting with his pants down when the rest of us pinned down Tim. After a long struggle, Tim succumbed to the inevitability of the berger.
by The Berger King January 24, 2009
the guy that still can beat the living shit out of the two authors above him
if you tell me who you are berger will come and rape your mother to prove his straightness and bash your pretty face ugly
if he know you are against him
by youguystillareassholes December 07, 2008
To have a warm drink, music, and a place to rest for a small amount of time. A form of hipster terminology.
Im not going out tonight, im just going to stay home and get my berger on.
by Bifenaa August 07, 2011
to diarrhea into plasctic bag then freeze it. once properly frozen and hard, you beat the person with it. once knocked out you take the frozen diarrhea out of the bag and place it on stomach.
dude, i bergered a girl last night and she woke up with shit all over her
by jewishwombat April 04, 2011
Sticking one’s naked Butt into a defenseless person's face. Ideally the nose of the recipient will rest submerged in the rectum of the one who is performing the "Berger". For full success to be declared there must be visible feces on, or around, the nose of the recipient.
Tim was pinned down, violently attempting to escape, as Michael pulled down his pants and preceded to berger him.
by Michael "The Berger" King October 27, 2008
An older man that trys to sleep with boys under the age of 15. These types of people were most likely raped as young children and are extremely homosexual.
That faggot over there is trying to run a berger
by wvboy September 17, 2006
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