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An arrogant , but SEXY man who is funny & charming!! He is tall in height and has a HUGE penis he calls TREX! He doesnt need a black benz to pick up stare at a women with his dark brown bedroom eyes have them falling to their knees!
I want to date a Berat
by bellagigi August 18, 2011
FROM THE REAL BERAT- Dear friends, My name is not wrong its supposed to mean a city in Germany also the german hat.

"Let's go to the city of Berat"
by FROM REAL BERAT December 04, 2015
A turkish person, often rich and drives a black Mercedes. He is short. He thinks he can get girls, if he ever does its guaranteed to be a ugly ass bitch. He is most likely to be from the black sea area.
You remind me of a berat.
by Ali Ozatalay February 07, 2009
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